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BRM Fundamentals Course Live Online

August 26 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

BRM Fundamentals Training Course

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Looking for learning what Business Relationship Management (BRM) is all about? Then look no further! The Live Online BRM Fundamentals course introduces you to the BRM capability, the BRM role, and the BRM team. This information-packed class provides a solid understanding of what BRM is all about. As well as what it is not about. It is open to everyone, at any level, and in any role. And to everyone who seeks better business relationships. Additionally, learn how the business relationship manager interacts with other disciplines such as the project manager, the architect, the business analyst, the business function, leadership, etc. Also learn how to achieve success through the BRM capability. Does all this sound of interest to you? Then, this is your class. Let this high-level introduction successfully navigate you to success with BRM.

Expect an interactive and lively one-day session. Upon your request, we gladly tailor a BRM Fundamentals course to your specific needs.

Upon confirmation of the class we provide you with a link to make an online payment. The fees per student are $575. They include a 3-months introductory membership of the BRM Institute. You receive an electronic copy of the course materials.

BRM Fundamentals Course

The live online BRM Fundamentals course covers the following topics:

  • How to define the BRM capability, the BRM role, and the BRM team?
  • Why is BRM necessary?
  • What do business relationship managers do?
  • Who do business relationship managers report to?
  • How is BRM realized? When considering a BRM capability builds partnerships, evolves culture, drives value, and satisfies purpose?
  • What are the mindsets the BRM capability brings to the table? And why are they important for my organization?
  • Which terms and terminology is needed to change perceptions and perspectives in support of the BRM capability?
  • What are the results of BRM in terms of business relationships, business value, and artifacts?
  • What is the scope of the BRM role? And what makes the role successful?
  • How do I best introduce a BRM team to my organization? And what is the purpose, the mission, and the vision of such team?
  • What are the resources the BRM Institute has to offer? And what is the Knowledge Path to Success?

Sign up now and learn from our experience! INTERPROM’s BRM Fundamentals training courses are conducted by BRM veterans. Therefore, they provide real-world examples drawn from decades-long implementation experience for a better understanding of the course materials.


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Live Online BRM Fundamentals Training Course on August 26, 2022

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