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October 17 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

FitSM Executive Brief Webinar

RSVP below. This confirmed 1-hour FitSM Executive Brief is free of charge. No strings attached.
The Live Online FitSM Executive Brief is for C-levels, executives, and other business leaders. Those who are looking to gain knowledge of how to best leverage their service management capability. All with the help of the FitSM standard.

Are you a business leader? And are you wondering: “Why should I invest in a FitSM capability? And why now?”. Particularly when you already invested in adopting frameworks such as ITIL®, COBIT®, and others. Then ask yourself the following. Does your service management capability drive results and business value? Does it build strategic service partnerships? And does it evolve a service-oriented culture? One that ensures collaboration and shared ownership of services and of results? Across all business functions? If it does not, then set aside the 60 minutes. And determine whether FitSM is a welcome addition to further enable your capabilities.

Are you in need of help with raising FitSM awareness among top management? Then have us conduct a FitSM Executive Brief. Why? Because our brief explains the results your organization can achieve with the help of FitSM. How organizations like yours, have gone through a shift towards a service-oriented culture. A focus on CX. As well as an increase in levels of collaboration throughout the organization. And with your business partners.

Interested in a tailored FitSM Executive Brief? One that is specific to your needs? Just ask us. And we ensure that every participant fully grasps the benefits of service management for your organization.

FitSM Executive Brief

The live online FitSM Executive Brief covers the following topics:

  • A service management capability drives results and business value. It builds strategic service partnerships. And it evolves a service-oriented culture. One that ensures collaboration. As well as shared ownership of services and results. Across all business functions.
  • Organizations seek to become service-focused. Now more than ever. Invite your executive team to this executive brief. Advance your service management capability. And evolve your service-oriented culture. So it brings a limitless focus on CX. On results. And on service value.
  • Furthermore, the brief is tailored to your audience. In other words, we ensure the message that you want to send to your leadership. We jointly prepare the content in close cooperation with our FitSM® Expert-credentialed facilitator.

Sign up now for an informative session. INTERPROM’s FitSM veterans are one of the few who can look back at decades-long of accomplishing service management successes.

FitSM Executive Brief Live Online on October 17, 2022

FitSM Executive Brief Live Online on October 17, 2022

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