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January 12 @ 8:00 am - January 13 @ 5:00 pm

Unlock the System Approach Secret Workshop

RSVP below! It is FREE. And there are no obligations! We contact you when the workshop is confirmed. Did you know that the system theory is adopted by ITIL, by ISO/IEC 20000, by FitSM, as well as by many other frameworks and standards? So what, you may wonder? Well, adopting or implementing a system requires a certain approach. Without it, you may not experience the benefits that you seek. Therefore, learn to Unlock the System Approach Secret during our 2-day interactive workshop. It is the perfect answer to the question “How do I successfully plan, implement, maintain and improve my system?” Whether it is the Service Management System (SMS) per ISO/IEC 20000, or per FitSM. Or it is the Service Value System (SVS) per ITIL 4.

Successful participants receive the INTERPROM’s Unlock the System Approach Secret workshop certificate of successful completion. This is an internationally recognized confirmation of your service management capabilities.

Upon confirmation of the workshop we provide you with a link to make an online payment. The fees per participant are $995.


The live online Unlock the System Approach Secret workshop covers the following topics:

  • How do I plan for creating a Service Management System (SMS) or Service Value System (SVS)?
  • How do I integrate my SMS or your SVS and their components within my organization?
  • What are components of my SMS or of my SVS that govern it? Or that enable it?
  • How do I define and build the measurements and a measurement system for my SMS? Or of my SVS?
  • Which roles and responsibilities do I define and assign for my SMS and SVS?
  • Which process integrations do I need to take into account?
  • How do I assess the performance of my SMS? Or of my SVS?
  • What is a management review all about?
  • How do I establish and implement an improvement plan for my SMS or an SVS?

Examples of the deliverables of the workshop are:

  • A project plan for implementing a Service Management System (SMS) or a Service Value System (SVS)
  • A custom service management plan or service value management plan
  • SMS or SVS-related role descriptions and training plans
  • An SMS or an SVS improvement process and procedure
  • And much more…

Our workshop materials include the INTERPROM’s “Unlock the System Approach Secret Workshop Workbook” for every participant.

In addition, the Unlock the System Approach Secret workshop includes two (2) hours of online individual coaching. You can make use of this, after the session. This represents a $500 value. Use it within 30 days after the completion of the workshop.

INTERPROM’s service management workshop facilitators are ITIL v3 Expert-certified, ITIL 4 MP-certified, ISO/IEC 20000 Master-certified, as well as FitSM Advanced-certified coaches and consultants. Above all, each draw from decades-long of implementation experience.

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