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April 7 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Uplift My Service Workshop

Express your interest. And RSVP below. No strings attached! Once we confirm the class, you receive a notification. Elevate your service quality. And sign up for the Uplift My Service Workshop. Why? Are you responsible to manage service? Or has your service not improved lately? And is the quality of your service sometimes lacking? Well, then this hands-on workshop is for you. Get ready for a highly interactive one-day event. One that turns you into the service expert. Therefore, sign up and join us. After that, you will walk away with custom checklists, with templates and with many other ready-to-use documents.

Actively participate. And, after that, you will receive INTERPROM’s Uplift My Service certificate of successful completion. This internationally recognized certificate confirms your service management capabilities.

Upon confirmation of the workshop we provide you with a link to make an online payment. The fees per participant are $795.The fee includes the shipment costs of the workshop materials within the Continental US. Non-US participants receive an electronic copy of the workshop materials.


This live online Uplift My Service workshop covers the following topics:

  • What are the service requirements that I need to determine?
  • Who is an excellent candidate to be a service owner?
  • How do I enable a service owner?
  • What is needed to design a service model?
  • How do I determine service levels and service level targets?
  • What are the steps to design and to implement a service portfolio?
  • How do I design and implement a service catalog?
  • What is involved with the design and the implementation of a service level agreement? And is that the same for an operational level agreement?
  • How do I measure and evaluate service performance?
  • What makes conducting a service review successful?
  • How do I establish and implement a service improvement plan?

In addition, what are some of the deliverables of the workshop?

  • A service requirements checklist
  • Many documents. For instance, a custom service model. And a service portfolio and service catalog document. A set of an SLA and an OLA. And not to mention, a service implementation plan
  • A role description for a service owner. As well as a training plan
  • Service improvement process and procedure documents
  • And much more…

Every participant receives INTERPROM’s “Uplift My Service Workshop Workbook”.

Furthermore, the Uplift My Service workshop includes one (1) hour of online individual coaching. You can make use of this, after the session. This represents a $250 value. Use it within 30 days after the completion of the workshop.


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

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